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This fetal bovine serum is US origin and tested for the ability to support undifferentiated morphology of embryonic stem cells (ESC’s).

ESC’s are isolated from the inner mass of the blastocyst stage of development.  These ESC’s are maintained in vitro and tested pluripotency by transplanting back into an adult to see if it forms a teratoma i.e. a tumor with from all the germ layers (ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm).

For human ESC’s, testing is by transplanting into a mouse without an immune system and observing for the formation of an embryo-like structure with all three germ layers.

It has been shown that after 600 population doublings (about three years of maintenance), ESC’s continue to proliferate without apparent problems.  In fact, Scientists believe that ESC’s can be grown in the laboratory in a pluripotent state indefinitely.

Ectoderm: Gives rise to skin, brain and nerves
Mesoderm: Becomes blood, heart, bone, kidney, muscle and cartilage
Endoderm: Develops into lung, liver and the digestive system
Pluripotent: Stems cells that make all cell types found in an embryo, fetus or developed organism, except the trophoblast and placenta.  ESC’s are considered pluripotent.

Fetal Bovine Serum ES Qualification Assay

Serum ES Qualification assay: mouse embryonic stem cells are grown for 2 passages in a complete medium supplemented with 15%, 20% and 30% fetal bovine serum. The bovine serum is scored based on factors which include the size, morphology, differentiation state, plating efficiency and feeder morphology at all three serum concentrations and compared to an inhouse previously ES qualified serum.

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