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Amnion cells and Chorionic villi Ham's F-10, Quantum 3-21
B-Lymphocytes (murine) IMDM
Blood Lymphocytes Quantum PBL, Quantum 724
Bone cells Ham's F-12
Bone marrow (haematopoetic tissue) IMDM
Bone marrow (primary culture) DMEM
CHO cells Ham's F-12, Ham's F-10
Chondrocytes Ham's F-12, L-15 Medium
Endothelial cells DMEM, Endothelial Medium
Epithelial cells Medium 199 with Earle's or Hank's Salts, Quantum 286
Erythrocytes progenitor cells IMDM
Fibroblasts (mammalian) Mimimal Essential Medium, Eagle (MEM), Quantum 333
HeLa cells RPMI 1640, Quantum 101
HeLa cells (subtypes) Minimal Essential Medium, Eagle (MEM), Quantum 101
Haematopoetic progenitor cells
(human and murine)
CollagenStem Kit
Hybridoma cells Hybridoma Express, Hybridoma Express Plus
Insect cells Insect Express Sf9, Insect Express Prime,
TC 100 Insect Medium
Leucocytes (human) RPMI 1640
Leydig cells and Sertoli cells DMEM/Ham's F12
Lymphoblast-like cells RPMI 1640
Liver cells (murine) DMEM
Macrophage progenitor cells IMDM
Macrophages (murine) Macrophage Medium
Mesenchymal stem-
and Progenitor cells
MesenchymStem Medium
Monocytes Macrophage Medium
Murine cells Ham's F-10, Ham's F-12
Murine L-cells Ham's F-12, Ham's F-10
Muscle cells DMEM, Ham's F-12, DMEM/Ham's F-12
Myelocytes RPMI 1640
Neuronal cells L-15 Medium, DMEM/Ham's F-12
Pancreatic cells DMEM/Ham's F-12
Primary explants (chicken, murine) Ham's F-12
Primary explants
(embryonic and adult tissue)
L-15 Medium
T-Lymphocytes (murine) IMDM
Tumor cells (adherent) DMEM, DMEM/Ham's F-12, Quantum 263
Tumor cells (suspension) RPMI 1640, Quantum 263

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