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All fetal bovine serums and frozen materials are shipped via overnight carriers. Packed in an adequate supply of dry ice to remain frozen until receipt unless otherwise specified by the purchaser. Truck shipments are handled by experienced, refrigerated carriers and will be kept frozen until delivered. Our guarantee cannot extend to the performance of all delivery companies and common carriers but we will replace and re-deliver any product that does not meet with customer approval for any reason.

Our shipping rates are for the United States and its possessions. Call Customer Service for rates on international shipping. All catalog prices and shipping rates are quoted in U.S. funds and do not include applicable duty, customs charges, or taxes which are paid by customer. TCB is approved to ship fetal bovine serum, fetal calf serum and serum products to Europe under permit EU #CA TEC 0013.

All serum shipments should arrive frozen. If delays or unforeseen circumstances cause an order to arrive partially frozen, follow these simple instructions:

1. Allow the serum to thaw completely. A 37°C water bath is preferred.
2. Gently swirl or shake the serum occasionally to assure a balance of salt to protein ingredient. Avoid vigorous shaking causing foaming.
3. Refreeze rapidly. Avoid repeated freezing/thawing.

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